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This privacy policy generator creates a document where you disclose what type of data you collect from the user who is engaging with your online business, how you manage, store the collected data, and how you use users data for you purpose. The privacy policy is a great way to inform users how you manage the collected data.

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Online Privacy Protection

Generate a privacy policy for your website or app. This is a free privacy generator tool provided by us. You can generate your privacy policy unlimited times without paying a single dollar. Generate the 2024 updated Privacy Policy for your website with the help of free privacy policy generator tool.

In this digital era we can see many people might take advantage of your business because of poor privacy policy.

We can generate a privacy policy for our business just by giving few answers. We do not store any kind of your data therefore we make safe policy for all online business.

-Some Privacy laws around the world-

  • CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act
  • CalOPPA California Online Privacy Protection Act
  • GDPR EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • This Privacy Policy Generator can help user to make sure that his/her business complies with above given laws.

    Welcome to Privacy Policy Generator Website

    The Privacy Policy Generator A great tool that generates privacy policies content for free for website owners. The website owner is not familiar with the privacy policies because he is not a lawyer, he is not familiar with the CCPA or GDPR or PIPEDA or the Privacy Act provisions of Australia.

    With the help of this web tool, they can generate the privacy policy and add it to the website, app in a few seconds by just giving a few information about their online business.

    Please check the preview of the privacy policy => Preview of Privacy Policy.

    Privacy Policy Generator

    How to use the Privacy Policy Generator Tool?

    It's easy to use this tool, there is no need to sign up, In the above input field you just need to type the information of your website or app, and it will create a personalized Privacy Policy for your website.

    When should the privacy policy be used?

    To protect the content of our website/app/page and tell users how their data is collected through this website, what is the purpose of collecting data. Which cookies are used to save user data and if the user wants to get his data in PDF or any other format then what should be the process for that etc.

    Is this Privacy policy generator tool free to use forever?

    Yes, Privacy Policy Generator is absolutely free for all types of websites such as WordPress, blogs, apps, and other pages. You can use this free policy generator for any of your online business.

    Disclaimer: The author of are not liable for any content, or other errors, or inaccuracies or any kind of financial loss. You can use at your own risk.
    Note* In some cases, depending on your legislation, some other actions may be required to make your online business compliant with the laws.